Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Al Ahmady

The opening event of the Liverpool Arabic Festival at the Palmhouse. This 7-piece Yemeni group consists of Ahmad al’Ahmady on the ‘ud (Arabic lute), two violinists, one nay (flute) player, and three percussionists. Though they play traditional Hadhrami forms, their music also reflects the many cultural influences that Yemen is exposed to as, seen in the African and Indian rhythms. Their music reflects the different musical influences of their home-town Mukalla.

It was a great evening - not only wonderful music, but also traditional dance and Yemeni food (sweetmeats and mint tea). Good to see a very mixed audience - Liverpool Yemenis of all ages mixing with the usual world music suspects.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Africa Oye in Sefton Park

This year's Africa Oye kicked off yesterday (Saturday) and today in a glorious, sunny Sefton Park. Yesterday saw Farafina, Boukman Eksperyans and Tinariwen. Went back today for a second helping of Tinariwen and also Misty in Roots.

Later, I bought Tinariwen's Amassakoul album, but I have to say I found it really disappointing - none of the excitement of the live performance. In fact, quite monotonous.